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Active for 16 years in the field of plant protection experimentation, Agrolis Consulting aims for excellence through a passionate commitment to high quality service. Our actions are guided by the high standards we set for ourselves when it comes to quality and customer service. Our focus is on efficiency, and we are confident that our customers appreciate the quality and professionalism of our services in GEP experimentation and BAD writing.

Guided by these principles and our accumulated experience, we look for ways to reduce the experimenter’s workload by eliminating the need to perform certain repetitive, physically onerous and unfulfilling tasks. Trialists can then focus on tasks that are more rewarding, provide greater added value and enhance their technical expertise.

The first innovation to emerge from this initiative is the VOLUMATIC®.

This device, built directly into your field vehicle or experimentation trailer, can be used to measure the successive volumes of water needed for the application of PPP. Say goodbye to long measuring sessions with a cylinder and beaker.
By simply pressing a button, you get the desired volume of water, accurate to within 1%, that you programmed in advance. As a result, measuring time is reduced by more than half, and your task is made considerably less onerous.

The device also includes a multifunctional water tap that offers an easy way to rinse your equipment (with water savings of 25%), thanks to the spray gun and 10-meter spiral hose that come as standard. The equipment can serve as a built-in safety shower as well.

The VOLUMATIC® is connected to a water supply (with a capacity chosen by the trialist) and operates on 12 volts of power. It can be powered directly by the vehicle battery or via a supplemental battery (available as an optional add-on with automatic charger). Its measurement range is between 1 and 25 liters, accurate to +/- 1%. Maintenance is simple: just clean the filters periodically (depending on the water quality).

With this innovation — the subject of a patent application in France — Agrolis Consulting emerges as an innovator in the field of crop protection experimentation.

Precision, reliability, safety, simplicity, cost savings – and you get efficiency as well!
Opt for the VOLUMATIC® !