Experts in crop protection

Agrolis Consulting is a service provider that specializes in crop protection. Founded in France in 2000, our company offers customers a different approach to service, centered on:

  • trials and projects conducted in accordance with very high quality standards,
  • state-of-the-art technical and scientific know-how,
  • effective communication for customer reports and dossiers,
  • day-to-day respect for customers and attention to their concerns,
  • flexibility at all times,
  • strong human values (ethics, morals, professional standards, independence, tolerance).

Backed by a passionate commitment spanning 20 years, Agrolis Consulting offers its services at an European level.

Our technical expertise and the quality of the services we provide are well-known and widely recognized. Our growth will continue to be based on listening to our customers, ensuring their satisfaction and acknowledging their concerns.

An expanded range of services in Europe

GEP experimental testing in France (2 sites), Italy (1 site) and Portugal (1 site).

  • Screening trials,
  • GEP trials,
  • Demonstration/sales support/marketing trials,
  • Testing on natural and organic preparations, growth stimulators and synthetic PPP,
  • Processing and tainting studies in partnership with GLP laboratories,
  • Biostimulant tests.

Preparation of a draft Registration Report (Detailed and Concise) in all EU regulatory zones (EC Regulation 1107/2009).

European projects management (monitoring of GEP trials with a network of quality service CROs partners in every EU regulatory area).

Agrolis is also investing in ways to develop new technologies for crop protection experimenters and experimentation designed to reduce labour, enhance safety, improve accuracy and boost efficiency. The VOLUMATIC® is the first innovation to result from these efforts.

Discover our 5 GEP experimentation units in Europe

The VOLUMATIC® : an innovation serving trialists