BAD writing and regulatory

A team of experts is at your disposal to help you compile your BAD under EU Regulation 1107/2009, and specifically to help prepare your detailed and concise draft Registration Report, Section 3, “Efficacy Data and Information” (Biological Assessment Dossier), for any type of application (new preparation, re-examination, extension of use, national addendum) and for all regulatory zones (North, Central, South, Interzone).

We can also assist you with the administrative procedures required by the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES), including applications for second trade names, applications for experimentation permits with or without a derogation of harvest destruction, …

In addition, we can advise you on the relevant regulations governing fertilizer materials and crop-growing media to help you bring your product to the French market:

  • Fertilizer that complies with EC Regulation 2003/2003,
  • France’s NF U mandatory standards for fertilizer,
  • The approval documentation to be submitted to ANSES.

Why call on Agrolis to prepare your BAD?

  • Our team of three experts has a combined 15 years of experience as field trialists, so we are thoroughly familiar with actual farm practices and experimentation,
  • Our in-house staff of 27 trialists includes eight experts, so we can get immediate answers to technical, methodological and practical questions,
  • We maintain an effective regulatory watch unit and participate in training offered by associations and official bodies,
  • We have preferred contacts within French public authorities,
  • We adopt a technical approach to BAD with a focus on quality,
  • We are efficient, and work collaboratively with our customers.
P Samhat

Philippe SAMHAT
Regulatory & BAD Manager
ZA Pechnauquié Nord
11 Rue du Lac
+33 (0)6 75 03 37 77
+33 (0)5 61 70 18 06

My university training – a master’s degree (DEA) from Université Paul Sabatier in Toulouse – gave me a solid foundation in the plant world, especially pedology and botany.

Between 2003 and 2006 I discovered the world of GEP experimentation, first at Fredon in southern France and later at the Regional Plant Protection Office on Réunion. Through my career as a trialist, I acquired extensive technical knowledge and rigorous professional training. In 2007 I had the opportunity to join ANSES, the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety, as a scientific and technical evaluator. In my seven years there I was able to evaluate numerous BAD on all types of plant protection products. That teamwork refined my sense of analysis and judgment and helped me expand my knowledge of crop protection.

When Agrolis created its BAD/Regulatory department in 2013, I was able to take on new responsibility. Today I’m fortunate in being able to work with two colleagues who also accumulated extensive experience before entering the field of GEP experimentation.

Our aim is to prepare high-quality BAD for all of Europe and tailor our work to the specific needs of each customer, through effective communication, frequent meetings, compliance with deadlines and more. Our department has continued to grow over the past three years, and our commitment to excellence remains our guiding principle.