High precision self-propelled sprayer

in grapevine GEP trials

  • +/- 2% average accuracy of the target rate,
  • Anti-drift panels,
  • Recovery of excess sprayed solutions,
  • Both sides of grapevine applied simultaneously,
  • Two powerful turbines with adjustable blowing speed (by hydraulic),
  • Orientable nozzles on 2 axis which allow multiple angles of attack of the vegetation,
  • Speed calculated by high precision GPS positioning,
  • Monitoring and recording of sprayed volume, speed and pressure for each elementary plot,
  • Panels height and spacing settable by hydraulic control,
  • 12 on-board treatments,
  • Automatic rinsing and priming between each elementary plot,
  • Randomization automatically managed by on-board computer,
  • Pulverization of very high quality,
  • Work arduousness reduction,
  • Greater efficiency in GEP experimentation.

Because the evaluation of new PPPs and BIOSTIMULANTS deserves top precision.